MakeUp Remover Oil: Toolkit

MakeUp Remover Oil: Toolkit

A lot of times we come back home from a party or a dinner and just crash on the bed, without removing makeup. This is one of the biggest mistakes. Experts recommend that no matter how tired or late you are, never go to bed without removing makeup.

The reason, makeup removal is so important is because our skin regenerates while we sleep. If we have makeup sitting on the face and blocking the pores, not letting them breathe. This also stops the natural rejuvenation of the skin. Because the pores are congested, this can cause breakouts, fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.

Today, let’s learn how to make an easy oil based makeup remover. Yes you read that right, oil based. Your off-the-shelf makeup removers may contain alcohol and other chemicals which are extremely harmful for your skin.

Oils based Makeup Removers

A lot of misconceptions have been created around the use of oils. We associate oils to acne and pimples. Blame acne vulgaris (a common skin condition), not oil, for your pimples. Pimples generally occur in areas where you have sebaceous follicles, like your face or back. A sebaceous follicle is a connected hair follicle and sebaceous gland. When a hair follicle becomes blocked with dirt, dead skin cells and sebum (the oil your skin naturally produces), it can get infected. Therefore, a zit is basically an infected hair follicle. Adding pure, natural, and organic oils to your skin care routine won’t hurt your skin; it might even give you the glow you seek. This is because in a makeup remover, you are not letting oils to sit on the face, and using oils moisturizes your skin making it supple and soft.

Now, let’s quickly jump to the HOW of our oil based makeup remover.


Making Oil Based Makeup Remover

Things Required

  1. Nature’s Tattva Cold Pressed Organic Golden Jojoba Oil
  2. Nature’s Tattva Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil
  3. Clean Glass Bowl
  4. Clean glass bottle with pump
  5. Cotton pads
  6. Nature’s Tattva Desi Rose Water
  7. Essential oils of choice (optional)

How to Make

  1. Take 3 parts of Nature’s Tattva Cold Pressed Organic Golden Jojoba Oil in a clean glass bowl. (We have taken 6 tablespoons in the video above)
  2. Add 1 part of Nature’s Tattva Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil. (We have taken 2 tablespoons in the video above).
  3. Add 1% of essential oils, which is roughly 3 drops in 15ml of the oil. You can do your math based on how much of the oil you are making. Some options of Essential oils that you can try out.
    1. Nature’s Tattva Organic French Lavender Essential Oil, Therapeutic Grade
    2. Nature’s Tattva Rosemary Essential Oil, Therapeutic Grade 
  4. Transfer the oil into a clean glass bottle with a pump. A pump bottle is preferred because every time you open the bottle, it is coming in contact with bacteria and other micro-organisms. It is best to keep these away, and therefore a pump bottle is preferred.

How to Use

  1. Take the desired quantity on to a cotton pad and start rubbing slowly on the face to remove the makeup. Start with removing your lipstick, then eye makeup, then the base. When removing eye makeup, leave it on the area for a few seconds before wiping it off.
  2. Followup with our Desi Rose Water. 



Nature’s Tattva Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil

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Nature’s Tattva Pure Natural Rose Water Made from Desi Roses

Earn up to 8 points.From 265.00 From 275.00

Nature’s Tattva Certified Organic Jojoba Carrier Oil- Cold Pressed

Earn up to 6 points.From 219.00 From 270.00
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Purchase this product now and earn 10 points!955.00



(Add these if you like a little fragrance in your oils)

Nature’s Tattva Organic French Lavender Essential Oil, Therapeutic Grade

Earn up to 4 points.365.00 525.00

Nature’s Tattva Rosemary Essential Oil, Therapeutic Grade

Earn up to 3 points.335.00 395.00
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